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With rich and good experience in the decorative lighting field, many customers successfully enjoy more market shares with us in their areas around the world. As a professional manufacturer and distributor, we enjoy high reputation for our continue efforts and the progress we made in innovative products and perfect quality control.We will dedicate ourselves to offer the world more beautiful decorative lighting products. Our advantages and principles will guarantee the success for both of us:

Perfect Quality - Every item we distribute is of TOP quality. It is with of CE/GS,UL,CSA,SAA, ISO9002 Certificate respectively. We have good records in many laboratories worldwide.

Reliable and Classic Service -
    a. Prompt delivery - Whenever and wherever you place the orders with us,your requirement for soonest delivery will be guaranteed. Our strong production capacity supports our management perfectly.

    b. Convenient Transportation Sources - The facilities and construction for cargo transportation both by Air and by Sea are very good either in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or in Hong Kong.Our professional employees and Forwarders are good at the soonest arrangement for our clients. we can make good use the advantages to arrange the shipment to any places in the world properly and promptly..

    c. Warm-hearted and Efficient Team-work - You will receive the answers from us for your questions either by faxes or by e-mail within 12 hours at any places of the world. Moreover you will be satisfied with our technical assistance and flexible sales policy.

    d. Continue Innovative Products - You will not be confused when your customers hope you to distribute new products from time to time. We are doing as you hope!

The Most Competitive Prices - Our overseas business partners found that we at KARNAR can always support them by supplying the most competitive prices products. It is the base for longterm business relationship.
एलईडी श्रृंखला
   एलईडी दीवार वॉशर प्रकाश
   एलईडी बराबर 64
   एलईडी फ्लोरिसेंट ट्यूब
   एलईडी नीयन ट्यूब
   एलईडी दीपक
   एलईडी लॉन प्रकाश
   एलईडी भूमिगत प्रकाश
   एलईडी पूल प्रकाश
   एलईडी बल्ब
   एलईडी रस्सी प्रकाश
   सजावटी प्रकाश एलईडी
सजावटी प्रकाश श्रृंखला
   चमकते प्रकाश
   भाग्यशाली प्रकाश सेट
   भाग्यशाली प्रकाश स्ट्रिंग
   NET प्रकाश
   हिमलंब प्रकाश
   MOLDED टिप श्रृंखला
   रबड़ केबल श्रृंखला
रस्सी प्रकाश श्रृंखला
   रस्सी प्रकाश 2-5 तार
   फ्लैट रस्सी प्रकाश
   आकृति रस्सी प्रकाश
   रस्सी प्रकाश सामान
आभासी यथार्थ प्रकाश
   एलईडी नारियल पाम प्रकाश
   चेरी एलईडी प्रकाश
   आतशबाज़ी प्रकाश
   नारियल के ताड़ प्रकाश
   कैक्टस प्रकाश
   सड़क प्रकाश
नियंत्रक, प्लग, बिजली
   बिजली प्लग
   बिजली की आपूर्ति

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